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State Infrastructure Strategy

TBM GraceInfrastructure WA's State Infrastructure Strategy will outline the State's significant infrastructure needs and priorities for the next 20 years.

The Strategy will address a broad range of sectors and identify significant projects or programs, or other options such as policy reforms, to meet the State's infrastructure needs and priorities. Infrastructure WA will consult widely with industry and the community during the development of the Strategy, and a draft Strategy will be released for public comment.

Once the Strategy is complete, the Government of Western Australia will be required to respond to Infrastructure WA's recommendations, indicating the extent to which each recommendation is supported and for each recommendation that is not fully supported, indicate the reasons why. The final decision on any infrastructure investment will be made by the Government.

For a quick overview download the two-page summary or try these Frequently Asked Questions relating specifically to the State Infrastructure Strategy. 

IWA invites anyone with questions or comments relating to the State Infrastructure Strategy to get in touch at any time. 

Consultation Outcomes Report

IWA’s Discussion Paper: Consultation Outcomes Report provides a summary of all feedback received from its wide-ranging consultation process for its Discussion Paper, state-wide workshop series and online feedback form. 

The report documents key themes raised through the consultation and reflects the sentiments of participants in the engagement process.

The information collected will provide the basis for the development of the draft State Infrastructure Strategy which is expected to be released in mid-2021.

Discussion Paper

A Stronger Tomorrow - State Infrastructure Strategy Discussion Paper was published by Infrastructure WA on 26 June 2020.

This document was designed to serve as a tool to encourage constructive conversation with industry, the community and all levels of government in the early stages of the development of Western Australia's first 20-year State Infrastructure Strategy. 

During a formal eight-week consultation period between 26 June 2020 and 21 August 2020, IWA undertook a broad-reaching program of engagement, endeavouring to obtain the views of as many people as possible. This included: 

  • releasing the Discussion Paper via an online event in collaboration with Infrastructure Partnerships Australia (you can learn more and re-watch the launch and panel-based discussion here); 
  • creating and sharing a short video to encourage people to have their say on infrastructure planning
  • briefing industry and government representatives and undertaking outreach with other key groups including younger people (tomorrow's infrastructure users) and Aboriginal stakeholders; 
  • hosting a state-wide workshop series, which included 12 in-person events and three online events to gain a better understanding about different stakeholders infrastructure priorities and their local impacts (learn more here); 
  • surveying nearly 600 Western Australians about their vision for the future of the State and its infrastructure needs; and
  • inviting formal submissions and projects/program proposals. 

IWA is currently analysing the substantial volume of feedback that has been received from organisations and representatives from across the State. An overview on these consultation outcomes was published in December 2020. 

The Discussion Paper and its supporting documents are available to view below.

Consultation Outcomes Report
Download the Consultation Outcomes Report

A Stronger Tomorrow: Consultation Outcomes Report

Discussion Paper
Download the Discussion Paper

A Stronger Tomorrow State Infrastructure Strategy Discussion Paper.

Download A Look at the Sectors

A complementary resource to A Stronger Tomorrow.

Download A Look at the Regions

A complementary resource to A Stronger Tomorrow.